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Dubai Dolphinarium
The Dolphins & Seals show is one of the main attractions at our Dubai Dolphinarium. The event is full of extraordinary information about marine mammals and their life. Highly interactive and talented Bottlenose Dolphins – Senya, Sousha and Marfa- are performing amazing displays and sequences based on their natural behaviors. Born with a permanent smile, playful and gracious bottlenose dolphins are an unforgettable visual and emotional experience for people of different ages. You can join one of the classes and learn how to train dolphins.

The Dolphins are fast and accurate swimmers. Their navigation measurements are in millimeters while our measurements are in decameters. Their world is so precise because their ability to survive is just a matter of seconds either for food or their own protection.

The Fur Seals have their own character and are one of the most agile swimmers ever to grace the ocean.

The Fur Seals appearance brings an element of fun. Our lovely female fur seal Lusha is the smallest and we have our 3 male seals- Max, Gosha and Philya. The breathtaking Dolphins and Trainer Finale Water Play is one of the highlights of the Dolphin Show.
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